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Plastics seals

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Plastics seals:

Plastic seals, manufactured in Delrin 100, are resistant to most chemical and bacteriological agents and fungi. These seals are ideal for applications in the food industry. They withstand temperatures from -60º to 80º.

There are three types of plastic seal: Type S, Type Sa y Type Si.

Type S: Standard version. Slight spatter and solid contamitation.

Type Sa: Variant with a drainage notch. Heavy spatter and solid contamitation. Rotation of the inner race.

Type Si: Variant with a drainage notch. Heavy spatter and solid contamination. Rotation of the outer race.


  • Seals in different sizes from those in the catalogue.
  • Service temperature over the 60ºC limit. A special design is proposed, with a slot and o-ring in one or both races to prevent settings being lost through a difference in dilation. They can reach temperatures of 80ºC and 90ºC.
  • Improves sealing by filling the cearance with grease of an appropiate consistency.

See demonstration video: