Metal Seals

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Metal Seals:

Metal seals have an steel inner race and aluminium outer race. They withstand temperatures up to 200ºC with almost no speed limit, as there is no friction.


  • Machine tools.
  • Testing equipment.
  • Packaging machines.
  • Motors.


There are two types of metal seals.

Type L: Protects against contamitaion by solid coarse or fine particles, as well as slight spatter.

Type M: The same protection as above. This variant also includes the machining of notches to facilitate drainage of heavy spatter by liquids. 

Special variants:

On certain occasions, depending on the customer's needs and the feasilibity - production capacity, qutities, series - seals with special characteristics can be supplied.

Special purpose metal seals:

Corrosion resistant, with stainless steel inner race and aluminium outer race.

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