Motor spindles for automatic tool change

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Motor spindles for automatic tool change:

The high-frequency spindles have an integrated asymchronous motor whose rotor is wound on the spindle axis, and stator fitted inside the casing. Power is supplied by a frequency converter.

The ultra-precision bearings are ceramic balls. A circulation system of liquid coolant controls the temperature of the front beaings and stator.

Most models are lubicated by air/oil. However, a few are lubricated with lifetime grease.

The maximum speed differs greatly from one model to another. Those with the smallest diameter can reach up to 250.000 rpm. There are two different types of construction for this group of spindles:


  • With manual tool change.
  • With automatic tool change.


The latter has the shaft drilled along its length to enable air and/or liquid coolant to pass through a rotation seal.

Apart from the types and sizes in the catalogue, other solutions can be found to meet customers' needs.

See demonstration video: