High-Frequency Motors

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Customised high-frequency motor parts:

SycoTec high-performance units are developed, manufactured and customised to meet customers' requirements:

  • Exterior diameter of the stator from 10 mm. to 400 mm.
  • Speed up to 300.000 rpm.
  • Power from 5 W from 600 kW.
  • Torque from 0,01 to 500 Nm.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous.


Depending on the requirements of the application, SycoTec always seeks the optimum solution using the best material with the most economical manufacturing tecnology.


  • SycoTec rotors for greater safety and extremely quiet operation.
  • AC rotors in die-cast aluminium, cast copper bars.
  • BLDC / PMSM rotors with permanent magnets made in NdFeb and SmCo with brass shielding, steel, GFR, CFR and PEEK.


  • SycoTec stators for almost all voltages from 12 V to 460 V.
  • Optimised for installation, work cycle, power density and safe operation.
  • Exterior diameter of the stator from 10 mm. to 400 mm (... and more).


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