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         ISO 9001:2015          

The Management declares that BERKOMAT, S.L.U. is baically a Commercial Enterprise, representative and distributor of several well-known and prestigious European companies and brands, and states that its guarantee of success lies in the correct promotion and sales of such products, as well as in obtaining attentive service to the full satisfaction of its Customers, and confirms its intention of making a formal commitment to Quality. Consequently, the followind objectives have been established:


√ Permanent Adaptation to customers' needs and expectations.

√ Consolidation and increase in the market. Loyalty from existing customers and capturing new ones.

√ Extending knowledge of the products sold, their characteristics and applications.

√ Continuos improvement of techniques and processes to obtain maximun efficency, by optimising available resources.

√ Guarantee that our Suppliers and Subcontractors comply with all regulations and conditions relating to the quality of products, packaging, transport, after-sales service, etc...

√ The company's staff will be involved in fulfiling these objectives. 

√ Promotion of an approach to processes and thoughts based on risk.

√ Compliance with legal requirements and applicable regulations.

√ Consideration for the context and strategy of the Company.



Oiartzun, May 2017

Approved: Manager