Sprag cage, without races

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Sprag cage, without races:

For axes from 2 up to 80 mm (series 400) and 38 up to 123 mm (series 8000), it can be used directly without races, but the shaft and housing must be hardened and ground.

Type M transmits more torque than Type Z (with spring), but withstand higher speeds with no load, ideal for printing machinery.

                Type M                               Type Z



The freewheel is a single-direction clutch which transmits the rotation and torque in one direction (e.g. to the right) to allow rotation with no load in the opposite direction (to the left).


Sprag-type locking parts:

1. Small locking parts (sprags). They enable high frequencies inthe forward movement (up to 60 Hz) due to low inertia.

2. The small size of the sprags saves space. The little space required by the sprags means that a great many of these can be assembled, resulting in a very high transmission capacity for given dimensions.

3. Optimum design of the sprag profile. The special design and high precision guarantee maximum precision in movement and reliability.

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