Bearings with solid lubrication

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COMPOUND bearings are obtained from standard bearings that have been filled with a solid lubricant that rotates together with the cage, in continuous contact with the rolling parts and the raceway of the bearing. This keeps the bearings properly lubricated even at high temperatures. This system is also efficient when working with no load, and for critical or costly relubrication tasks.

Possible applications: Hot rolling, continuous furnaces, glass and ceramic industry,m etc.: temperatures up to +350º. Cryogenic applications: temperatures up to -180º.


In cases where it is very difficult to keep a lubricating agent in place, there are clear advantages to other types of more stable lubrication or surface conditions that enable rolling without lubricants.

These can include simple processes, such as phosphating races and balls together with the use of MoS² lubricants in paste form. However, more critical cases can be solved by more sophisticated methods - PVD Sputter - with metal coatings, either of lead, silver or gold.