Components and accessories of industrial machinery

Sale and distribution of high quality components for industrial machinery in Spain and Portugal

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About us:

We sell and distribute high quality components exclusively for the industry to Spain and Portugal. From the start of our activity as a commercial enterprise, we have focused on special products with a high technical content. In addition, our former experience from the 1980s was related to the bearings, packing and linear runnrers sector.

At the beginning of the 1980s, we signed our first agreement with GMN to distribute its products in Spain, and this has steadily extended to the high-precision bearing field, as well as to packing/labyrinth seals, freewheels and motor spindles. We then established several links with other leading companies in Europe, so that nowadays we can provide a complete range of components from this website.


One of our objectives is to pay particular attention to our customers' needs, from the first enquiry until the goods are delivered to their warehouses. We undertake to manage any enquiries as soon as possible and try to solve technical problems either ourselves, or with help from the technical departments of the companies we represent.

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